Press release: CHC co-signed ENAR’s joint statement supporting Collective Against Islamophobia

In October 2020, the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) called its members and close partners including the Czech Helsinki Committee (CHC) to express support tothe Collective Against Islamophobia (CCIF) in France and show international solidarity against the manifestation of structural racism targeting civil society.

On 16 October, Samuel Paty, a teacher in France, was murdered after showing his students caricatures of Prophet Muhhamad. Such horrendous act was followed by attacks against civil society organizations, and a call by Gérald Darmanin, French Minister of the Interior, to dissolve the CCIF.

The CCIF is a professional anti-racism organization which does crucial work to fight racism and racial discrimination, and specifically Islamophobia , in France. The proposal to dissolve such organization, with no legal enquiry into the allegations prior to the Minister’s announcement reflects structural racism within the French government.

The CHC, with more than 70+ civil society organizations and academics co-signed ENAR’s joint statement which urges French government to respect its commitment to human rights and fundamental freedom instead of criminalising anti-racist organisations.

As for today, November 24th 2020, there has been no news from the French government on the dissolution of CCIF.

Recently, ENAR has published a policy brief which further highlights key elements about the concerning situation in France regarding structural racism and the threats to civil society organisations defending fundamental rights.

Joint Statement: French Minister threatening to close down anti-racist civil society organization, is available at:

ENAR policy brief is available at:

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