Press release: CHC attended ENAR meeting on the new EU anti-racism action plan

On 7 October 2020, the representative of the Czech Helsinki Committee (CHC) attended European Network Against Racism’s (ENAR) meeting on the new European Union (EU) anti-racism action plan. The aim of the meeting was to inform ENAR members about the content of the plan and have a discussion on the next steps to take as a network.

During the meeting, some important elements of the new anti-racism plan have been discussed. For the first time, the EU explicitly acknowledges the existence of structural and institutional racism and strongly urges Member States to develop and adopt national action plans against it.

Furthermore, the new anti-racism action plan provides comprehensive framework for action. It calls for consistent and improved collection of equality data disaggregated by racial or ethnic origin and identifies the need for potential new legislation to address racism in law enforcement.

As a follow-up, ENAR secretariat has drafted an open letter to stress on the need to secure participation of civil society and adequate human and financial resources in order to implement and monitor the plan. The collective statement which was also co-signed by the CHC, calls the European Commission (EC) to strengthen the following processes: 1)
A structured and permanent participatory mechanism for civil society 2) An operational and anti-racism expert profile for the EU coordinator against racism 3) Clear coordination of anti-racism work within the European Commission 4) Dedicated funding

The EU action plan against racism published by the European Commission is available at:

Open letter to European Commission: Securing meaningful participation for the EU anti-racism action plan is available at:

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