Integration of Refugee Women

Women represent 40-45 % from the number of all refugees. The women integration is often much more complicated than the integration of men, for example according to OECD study women need more time to get a job. Thomas Liebing, migration researcher, also considers integration of women´s refugee as not very smooth – mainly in Germany. His study shows that only 15% of refugee women are able to find a job within 5 years – for example in Sweden is the figure about twice as high and thus 30%.

A major problem for these bad results is that women are less involved in integration than men and many of them break off their language courses. Another reasons for low employment rates of refugee women are the factors of pregnancy, education, which is often lower than education of men and health problem.

The study from Thomas Liebing recommends to focuse more on the refugee women and help them from isolation. Liebing also sees as meaningful to discuss the takeover of Scandinavian models for Germany.


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