(English) Joint Statementꓽ Polish Parliament Must Protect Women´s Health and Rights – Call for solidarity from the Polish Women Strike movement – Stop Abortion Ban

On 22nd of March, 203 associations including AEDH, LDH-France and European CivicForum express their full solidarity in a joint statement for Polish women whose reproductive rights are once again threatened by the legislators. The Polish parliament is preceeding a ban … Pokračovat ve čtení

(English) The AEDH newsletter compilation May 2016 – April 2017

AEDH newsletter n° 295 (April 2017): AEDH newsletter n° 294 (March 2017): AEDH newsletter n° 293 (February 2017): AEDH newsletter n° 292 (January 2017): AEDH newsletter n° 291 (December 2017): AEDH newsletter n° 290 (November … Pokračovat ve čtení

(English) Hungary’s Shocking Ravage of Human Rights and Democracy: Targeting CEU and Turning Asylum Seekers Away Are Links in The Same Chain

The current situation in Hungary causes deep concern of international civil society and human rights groups. AEDH point-blank condemns the government’s arbitrary policies and calls on the European community to take action against Hungary’s outrage upon human rights and democratic … Pokračovat ve čtení

(English) The AEDH Newsletters (December 2015 – April 2016)

AEDH Newsletter n°284 – April 2016 – AEDH Newsletter n°283 February/March 2016 – AEDH Newsletter n°282 – January 2016 – AEDH Newsletter n°281 – December 2015 – … Pokračovat ve čtení

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