Eurochild – Publication of the report “Growing up in lockdown: Europe’s children in the age of Covid-19”

On November 18th, 2020, Eurochild published a report called “Growing up in lockdown: Europe’s children in the age of COVID-19”. This reports shares the impact of lockdowns imposed because of the Covid-19 crisis on children in 25 European countries, including Czech Republic. Issues tackled include mental health, domestic violence, poverty, education and the digital divide.

Recommendations to improve public policies are given for each of the 25 countries. A list of 6 priority actions for the EU is also established. They are (as written in the report):

  1. “Set national targets to reduce child poverty and put children at the heart of recovery plans
  2. Establish the European Child Guarantee
  3. Promote a multi-dimensional approach to tackling child poverty
  4. Maintain, strengthen and expand investments in deinstitutionalisation reforms
  5. Better target available EU funding resources to reach children in need
  6. Recognise children as equal partners and enable their participation”

Eurochild’s press release is available at: The report is available at:

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