Eurochild – CHC attended Eurochild’s breakfast webinars on putting children at the heart of Europe’s recovery

From November 18th to November 20th, 2020, Eurochild held online “breakfast webinars” on children’s rights, focusing on the importance of putting children at the core of the European Union’s (EU) recovery effort from the Covid-19 crisis. The CHC attended those online conferences along around 300 other participants. Panelists were EU representatives, national representatives, civil society organizations, and children.

Topics discussed involved the economy of well-being, child poverty, and democracy. All three days of discussion showed the importance of putting children at the core of decision-making and of supporting their direct participation in decision-making processes, as it contributes to strengthening the economy and democracy. Children have their own experiences that adults do not know but that need to be taken into account to implement adapted policies that will help them become tomorrow’s leaders.

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