(English) The Lausanne-based federal court pulls up Geneva prison for overcrowding under inhumane conditions

On April 2016, Europris shed light on the prisoner’s appeal against Lausanne-based Federal Court. He complained of being held in the famously overcrowded Champ-Dollon prison under inhumane conditions for 136 days. The case will now have to be re-examined by the Geneva court.

This was not the first time the highest court in the land has ruled on detention conditions in Champ-Dollon. Last November, it accepted the appeal of two prisoners and declared their detention in cells measuring around four square metres to be illegal.

The canton of Geneva is still working to prevent overcrowding in Champ-Dollon. Last November it inaugurated an extension of the prison in Brenaz and plans to have a new prison ready in Dardelles by 2019, reserved for prisoners serving out their sentences.

For more information: http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/society/human-rights_federal-court-pulls-up-geneva-prison-for-overcrowding/42068008

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