(English) Juki: Online Consultation Project For Children And Young People

The theme of the German Juki-Online Consultation project for children and young people, launched in 2013 and funded by the German television lottery, was detention. Building on network member Treffpunkt e.V.’s (http://childrenofprisoners.eu/treffpunkt-e-v/) existing online advice centre for families of prisoners, a new project has created a long-term online advice and information portal designed specifically for school age children affected by parental incarceration. This portal, launched on the 24th of June this year, can be found at: https://www.juki-online.de/

The site offers children and young people a secure channel for anonymous contact and advice that, being online, is accessible from anywhere in the world. It gives these young people an opportunity to voice their concerns and questions through a mechanism that is impartial, trustworthy and easy to use. The site is of course also available to others affected by imprisonment, such as friends of the prisoner, parents and even prison staff, who are seeking advice, support and information.

Alongside the online advice centre, the site also provides an extensive Question & Answer section and informs visitors of other forms of assistance such as support groups or festive art projects, for children affected by parental imprisonment.

Treffpunkt e.V., a member organisation of the Children of Prisoners Europe network, works in the field of resettlement by providing socio-pedagogical assistance for prisoners, their families and their victims. Treffpunkt e.V.  also serves as a family base that supports, fosters and accompanies young families in a variety of ways.

For more information, please contact Beate Wölfel, leader of the Juki project, on:

For information: http://childrenofprisoners.eu/2014/07/09/juki-online-consultation-project-for-children-and-young-people/

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