(English) Joint Statementꓽ Polish Parliament Must Protect Women´s Health and Rights – Call for solidarity from the Polish Women Strike movement – Stop Abortion Ban

On 22nd of March, 203 associations including AEDH, LDH-France and European CivicForum express their full solidarity in a joint statement for Polish women whose reproductive rights are once again threatened by the legislators.

The Polish parliament is preceeding a ban on abortion in Poland. Current law in Poland is one of the most restrictive in the world, banning abortion except for 3 cases: when pregnancy is a result of a crime (rape, incest), when woman’s life or health is in danger and when the foetus is irreparably damaged.

The new bill aims to ban that last exception – that makes 95% of legal abortions, forcing Polish women to give birth to children that in 75% cases will die in unbearable pain after being born.

For more information please go toꓽ http://www.aedh.eu/en/joint-statement-polish-parliament-must-protect-womens-health-and-rights/

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