(English) Campaign ‚Not my crime, still my sentece‘

The 2018 „Not my crime, still my sentence“ campaign is centred around the Council of Europe Recommendation, due to be published at the end of March. Our plan for the campaign is to have children with imprisoned parents re-write the Recommendation in child-friendly language. For the campaign, we would like to send a few articles from the Recommendation (there are 55 in total – see https://rm.coe.int/draft-recommendation-children-with-imprisoned-parents-12-10-17/168075f421) to each member. Members will then set up small creative workshops with groups of children in June, to support the children in re-writing the articles in child-friendly language. This could also be in July (when schools are closed and parents are looking for activities for their children)! 

COPE will assign 3 or 4 articles to each member organisation, who will translate them into the local language and then work on them with children. One or two half-day workshops may be needed, and they should also provide the occasion to have some interesting discussions with the children participating. Facilitators will be required – they will likely have to explain certain terminology to the children (depending on the age) and will need to encourage reflection about what each article means for the children. After the articles are re-written, members will translate the work into English and send to COPE. On 20 November – World Children’s Day, COPE will launch the pan-European child-friendly version of the Recommendation. 

Leading up to the POPS-COPE conference in Manchester, POPS will get a head-start on the campaign. Given the conference discusses technology and the media, they will receive articles 25 + 26 (technology), and 55 + 56 (media). A group of children will present these articles rewritten in child-friendly language at the conference, where the campaign will be launched!

For information about previous campaigns please go to: http://childrenofprisoners.eu/campaign/

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