(English) As Epidemics Spread, a New Tool for Harm Reduction in Prisons

On June 8, 2016 the The European Liberties Platform reported the news about a new monitoring tool which will help prison to improve health care conditions by preventing and fighting the spread of diseases such as HIV and hepatitis C.

Helped by Antigone (1) and six other human rights organizations, Harm Reduction International (HRI) (2), the leading NGO in the field of harm reduction, did an evaluation of the European mechanisms and authorities in charge of monitoring conditions of detention.

These mechanisms, such as the National Preventive Mechanisms (NPM), do exist and do have mandates and expertise to grant detainees‘ rights, but do not use given powers to look at the issue in a systematic and comprehensive way. To improve this monitoring gap, HRI created a new tool based on widely accepted public health and human rights standards. This tool is meant to help monitoring mechanism to produce efficient suitable recommendations and to ensure detainees‘ human rights, especially in the field of health issued.

(1). http://www.associazioneantigone.it

(2). http://www.ihra.net/?no-splash=true

For the integral HRI report: http://www.ihra.net/files/2016/02/10/HRI_PrisonProjectReport_FINAL.pdf

For more information: http://www.liberties.eu/en/news/a-new-tool-for-harm-reduction-in-prisons-by-harm-reduction-international

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