ENAR General Assembly, June 2019

ENAR members are invited to participate in ENAR’s General Assembly, which will take place on 20, 21 and 22 June 2019 in Brussels. ENAR is looking forward to some creative and constructive exchanges and discussions on its future actions and strategies.

Member organizations who cannot attend the General Assembly are invited to vote on the Board elections and on other statutory decisions by proxy.

This year ENAR is holding Board elections. It has to elect or reelect 7 board members out of 11. The opening positions are Chair, two Vice-Chairs, Treasurer and 3 Board. All Board members are elected for a full three-year term and they may serve maximum six years.

Every member organization is entitled propose a candidate to run for elections. It is important to ensure that all Board members are nominated respecting as many diversities as possible (gender, ethnicity, regional representation, minority groups, etc.).

According to the ENAR operating Manual, candidates from Sweden, Lithuania, France and Germany are not eligible for this year election (2019).

Members who want to submit a nomination to ENAR’s Board, need to fill the online form and submit it by latest May 3rd.

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