Meanwhile fifteen Syrian families

Czech does not belong to the countries where the facing thousands of Syrian citizens asking for asylum. Since the beginning of the conflict in the Czech Republic has asked for international protection 200 Syrians.

The Czech Republic should relocate only fifteen Syrian patients and their families. Government decision in December postponed because, as then informed by Právo newspaper, some cabinet members asking for preferential negotiations on repatriation of Czechs from Ukraine.

CR is continuing its practice, especially when sending funds to Turkey and Bulgaria, where he moved wave of Syrian refugees. Assistance should be directed among others to Jordan and Lebanon, which also hit strong migratory wave. In these countries, now live three million Syrians.

In the last two years the Czech Republic has made to help refugees 180 million, half of which went to the crisis caused by the conflict in Syria.

The European Union last year gave humanitarian aid to 146 million euros and a further 230 million euros of the development funds provided under the assistance of the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the Ukraine.

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