CHC representatives endorsed the opinion of AEDH to the situation in Europe

On 7 and 8 May 2016 in Vienna general meeting of the European Association for the Defense of Human Rights (AEDH). The meeting was attended by Kristyna Vejvodová CHC and CHC member Petr Uhl, who was newly elected member of the Executive Committee AEDH.

During the general meeting individual members AEDH discussed the current state of the European Union, focusing on the deplorable situation regarding human rights. The result of this discussion was the creation opinion AEDH expressing concern with the policies of national governments that resort to alleged national interests in an attempt to avoid resolving global crises. AEDH therefore calls for the creation of an alliance of European citizens, residents and organizations that would face the current direction of European policy and recognize human rights and their protection.

Text opinion adopted at the General Meeting can be found on the AEDH:

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