Observations of the Czech Helsinki Committee, the position of the city of Prague 1 for exposure to the gallows in a demonstration against migration

We are surprised and impressed statement unnamed officials in charge of Prague 1 to this scandalous matter. It is further evidence of decomposition of democratic society, which through his elected representatives not only did not reject the undemocratic and violent manifestations, but downplays it in a kind of legal positivism, which indemnifies.

Clear and undisguised threats against opponents and people of different opinion shall not even a misdemeanor, because that according to them, can only occur if someone has the item, which can be second to hurt or had said the behavior of the participants suggested that the subject should serve to violence or threat violence. Gallows apparently by these people serve as a toy or object of amusement. On this demonstration certainly sounded several speeches, which were directed against migrants and their defenders. The link is clear.

Violence always precede strong words that nobody reacts. Violence always comes as indifference, silence and downplaying its manifestations. Answer should those who issued such a decision, because they allow in our land acquisition by force and power, those who democracy and its resources despise.

Already just the icing on the cake is the message that the Ministry of Interior, the decomposition of Prague 1 has been since October, but some clerk is reportedly somewhere founded. It is documented disinterest ministry despite Chovanec Minister asked to investigate this attitude Prague 1st

We call for an investigation of the process of Prague 1 and the rigorous condemnation of such manifestations of fascism.

Bureau members of CHC

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