Threats of hackers around the web White-media is an attack on the democratic system

White extremist Web Media has published more e-mails Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka. It also argues that a prime minister to his private mailbox forwarded the document is subject to confidentiality.

Extremists In addition to this website threatening to publish the entire contents Sobotkova email. If any of us arrested or arrange to cancel our website, get to the public the entire contents of mailboxes Sobotka and other members of his gang,” reads the site. “Moreover, they will then hackers declared total war. Nationalist revolution and stop at every persecution radical nationalists coming revenge, he writes, also in a brief statement.

Prime Minister Sobotka leaks of confidential information via email battered private denies. The Interior Ministry considers the threats of hackers behind the attack on the democratic system, and accordingly they will be treated according to department spokesman.

Email hacking Prime Minister investigates the Unit for Combating Organised Crime (UOOZ). According to Respekt while police among other things, trying to get passwords to an extremist Web site, which could lead it to its current operators. Detectives have said to them many times in the past unsuccessfully asked the US courts, where the server is registered. Investigators according to Respekt solves it, if not an action for which he would become Russia.

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White Media: Mysterious web fighters for racial purity

Defenders of xenophobia and can aptly describe people who stand behind the racist White Media Server. On its Web site, for example, they argue that opposition to foreigners is a basic human instinct. And anyone who disagrees with them is a neo-Marxist terrorist with whom it is necessary to turn.

One of the activities for which they have in the past noted the media is scheduling thorough list of “leftist enemies.” It belongs to everyone who protect human rights, helps to foreigners or make no secret of sympathy for sexual minorities.

Activities server, but not limited to cyberspace. Its contributors go well in the field”. Their ideological opponents watching in the streets, photographing and then exhibit their images on the Internet.

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