The government approved the Consumer Policy Priorities 2015 – 2020

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic submitted to the government on January 7, 2015 to approve the material Consumer Policy Priorities 2015 2020 Government of this material, which defines how will stand in the coming years to protect Czech consumers approved.

An important measure for strengthening the enforcement of consumer rights should be a system of court settlement of consumer disputes. Czech consumer remains objective unreliable vendors especially in the area of Internet sales and sales outside business establishments. Currently, consumers only way to solve a dispute with a trader court. Therefore, because of the risks consumers often prefer not solve the problem, and his legal rights altogether.

The new system has significantly strengthening law enforcement out of court, which is now very difficult in practice. The new tool for the enforcement of consumer rights, including extra-judicial settlement of consumer disputes will be beneficial not only for consumers but also for honest entrepreneurs. Already this should be created the necessary legislative conditions, and amendments to the Law on Consumer Protection,explained Minister Mládek.

The obligation to establish a system of alternative dispute resolution arises from European legislation, respectively. Directive on consumer ADR, the regulation on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes. That proposal will also help to facilitate cross-border disputes stemming mainly from an online store, as functional entities court settlement of consumer disputes, built on common qualification requirements will be developed in all EU Member States. Limit deadline for implementation in the EU is July 2015.

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