The government has adopted an amendment to the law on aid in material distress

The amendment is designed to help socially disadvantaged people to normal housing instead of dormitories and restrict the practice of traders poverty. By adopting changes should occur to prevent the practice of some traders who utilize state of charge to people in need. This practice disabled people are in total lives with expensive costs than are ordinary people in rented properties. Amendment should simultaneously relieve themselves just municipalities that previously could only take account of these practices. The basic purpose of this amendment is to encourage concerned citizens to find housing standards instead hostels. The amendment was also refined the concept of “case worthy of special consideration.” The aim is to increase legal certainty and thus to be able to assess which individuals can provide a supplement.

Specific changes brought by the amendment:

  • Cancelling part of the provisions of the conditional approval of the municipalities to provide housing supplement the person receiving hostel. I continue to have the consent of the village a recommendation for a decision to grant benefits.
  • In determining the supplement for housing in a hostel it is currently based on a maximum of 90 percent of state-provided housing costs, new it should be up to 80 percent.
  • LO CR will be for a decision on the supplement provided by a person using a guest require as a basis the local authority delegated powers, whether the circumstances of the case deserving special consideration.
  • The Act will be entered criteria when a case can be assessed as worthy of (mainly on whether the person in the village where he lives in a dormitory, looking for a job, whether there is a family, etc., And not in the area where he has his center of interest for her current housing available)
  • LO CR will develop with a person living in a hostel incentive plan, which sets out the procedures and timetable for the implementation of individual criteria and measures that should be in addressing the social and housing problems of people reached so that a person in the long run obtain housing, and was it able to keep. To do this, it must be given the necessary cooperation from the authorities of municipalities and the Labour Office, to which the amendment counts.

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