Public service is to help, not punish people

MLSA in cooperation with MEP Zuzana Kailová and Service Ombudsman has prepared an amendment to the Senate draft amendment to the law on aid in material distress, which also applies to public service. The proposal aims to return the institute of public service original purpose to become an instrument kaktivizaci long-term unemployed people living on social benefits. In any case, according to the MLSA is not about to make the Czech legislation was reintroduced restrictive form of public works, which recently pushed the former Minister Drabek and he refused the Constitutional Court.

The proposal foresees that people dependent on social benefits system, who decide voluntarily to the public service board, they can earn some money this way. Offer public services they should convey the Labour Office. If, however, the Labour Office does not offer a public service to the client, the minimum subsistence allowance will be maintained. Those who participate in it, will be entitled to a minimum subsistence 3410 crowns, who refuses to remain on the subsistence minimum in 2200 crowns. “Our aim is to humanise the Senate amendment bill, which will act Chamber of Deputies. The aim is to distinguish, within the law those who live off benefits and any work studiously avoid, from those who have recently lost their jobs, “said Minister Michaela Marksová.

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