In the Czech ghettos live a hundred thousand people. Only the Roma, increasingly, seniors

Poverty, appalling living and little contact with others. People living in socially excluded localities in the Czech Republic is increasing and the problem extends far beyond the Roma. Currently, there are 606 in the Czech Republic such “bad addresses”. Their number has doubled in the past nine years. Today they live to 115 thousand Czechs. In absolute numbers increased the most socially excluded and in the Usti Region.

The proportion of people who still do not fall into social exclusion, but he is not far away, it is still far greater. “Risk of poverty or social exclusion throughout the Czech Republic, about 1.5 million people from nearly 100 thousand children under six years and nearly 180,000 people over 65 years”, said analysis of socially excluded localities in the Czech Republic, which was prepared by GAC of funds European Social Fund and the state budget.

“Forty percent of Czech households can not afford an unexpected expenditure amounting to nine thousand. Many people go into debt, lose the apartment and begins to fall out of the company. It’s further confirmation that social exclusion is not an issue of ethnicity, but the consequence of social exclusion systems and strengthen him enough not prevent, “says sociologist Daniel Prokop.

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