The Constitutional Court has defended father of the child, who was hit by a car on crossing

In January 2014 the driver collided with two children aged five and eight years, and was convicted of causing bodily harm. Family children demanded compensation, but the courts had admitted only half the required amount. He claimed that the father did not hand the children, neglecting the supervision and fifty percent is responsible for the accident.

But now that the Constitutional Court rejected. In this matter, the Constitutional Court considered it essential that the children when crossing the road acted in accordance with the law and the way it behaved average able persons. The road passed on-site pedestrian crossing and at the time of the collision was found on him for five seconds. It was therefore a situation that would have jumped” directly underneath the car and the driver would not be able to respond to such a situationto justify the verdict.

“As part of the constitutional right to educate their children must have parents some freedom in what type of education chosen, and what level of autonomy permits children. The aim of education is to ensure proper all-round development of the child, and thereby, inter alia, to ensure that after the age of incapacitation child was already itself be able to decide about their lives and bear the consequences of his actions, “said court spokesman web Miroslava Sedláčková.

“Life brings with it various dangers and risks can not be completely eliminated without loss of freedom. Times when eight years old Lisa and Anna went themselves from Bullerby shop in the next village or five years when Johnny rode alone for grandfather train to the village where myself and other children ran around the village and its surroundings are unfortunately probably past. And even if this freedom of children experienced a lot of amazing adventures that today’s children at the time controlled the paradigm of conservation and completely eliminate the risk of hard experience, “stated the decision of the Constitutional Court.

Thus, the court partially annulled the original judgment, the case must look again at the Municipal Court in Brno.

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