UNICEF – “Averting a lost COVID generation” report

On the occasion of the World Children Day, UNICEF published on November 19th, 2020, its report “Averting a lost COVID generation”. The report provides more statistical information on the impact of the Covid-19 on children around the world. Health, social and economic impacts are assessed. For example, 1 out of 9 person infected by the virus in the world is a child. It is estimated that 2 million additional child deaths and 200,000 additional stillbirths could happen in the next 12 months. The number of children living in poverty is estimated to have risen by 15%.

To respond to the crisis UNICEF offers in its report a six points plan to protect children. For each point, UNICEF calls on governments to take several actions and commitments. The points are the following:

  1. Ensure all children learn, including by closing the digital divide.
  2. Guarantee access to nutrition and health services and make vaccines affordable and available to every child.
  3. Support and protect the mental health of children and young people and bring an end to abuse, gender-based violence and neglect in childhood.
  4. Increase access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene and address environmental degradation and climate change.
  5. Reverse the rise in child poverty and ensure an inclusive recovery for all.
  6. Redouble efforts to protect and support children and their families living through conflict, disaster and displacement.

More information about the report available at: https://www.unicef.org/press-releases/unicef-calls-averting-lost-generation-covid-19-threatens-cause-irreversible-harm and https://www.unicef.org/coronavirus/six-point-plan-protect-children

The report is available in English, French and Spanish at: https://www.unicef.org/reports/averting-lost-generation-covid19-world-childrens-day-2020-brief

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