Press Release: Opinion CHC to the prolonged detention of Martin Ignačák sentenced for attempted terrorist act

Czech Helsinki Committee, a non-governmental organization Human Rights (CHC) believes
that the prolonged detention in general must be a substantial reason. Martin Ignačák was already in April 2016 the Prague Municipal Court released from custody because he vouched for him Sister Paul.

Following a complaint by the prosecutor Prague High Court quashed the decision, leaving M. Ignačák in custody. Martin Ignačák promised to run away and escape may be the sole reason for the extension of custody because of influencing witnesses or continuation of criminal activity out of the question. We believe that extending detention Martin Ignačák is wrong and that he should be tried in freedom as much as his colleagues. The more so that the main accused is at large.

Bureau for CHC

Táňa Fischerová

Chair of the CHC

The press release is available for download in PDF format here.

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