Press Release: Letter CHC regarding the unsatisfactory system of financing (both human rights) non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic

Czech Helsinki Committee sent a letter in mid-June, the Minister for Human Rights and President of the Government Council for NGOs Jiří Dienstbier, in which he referred to the wrong state grant funding system of non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic from the state. Promised subsidies from the state goes with a delay that is often several months. For non-profit organization means a delay of subsidies from the state debt. Non-profit organizations are tackling the situation by taking a bridging loans, temporary redundancies or limiting services. Czech Helsinki Committee also noted a lack of systemic support in the form of state subsidy programs for activities concerning the protection of human rights, especially as education, training, monitoring and data collection relating to human rights of vulnerable groups in the country.

Nevertheless it is an activity to which the Czech Republic has undertaken a number of international conventions. The state also does not systematically free legal advice and assistance in breach of or threat to the fundamental human rights of vulnerable groups, or when certain groups are discriminated against based on age, gender, health status, etc.. The full text of the letter to the Minister of CHV available here.

In July, Czech Helsinki Committee received a response that the Minister is determined to enforce the option multiannual funding of selected non-governmental organizations and taking into account that presents as chairman of the Government Council for NGOs during the year the government draft amendment to Government principles for granting subsidies from the state budget of the Czech Republic nongovernmental profit organizations by central government authorities. At the same time the Minister by mid-2015, the new concept of government support for non-profit organizations.

Text replies Minister for Human Rights available here.

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