Táňa Fischerová spoke at the seminar “Human rights and hate violence in the Czech Republic – Civil Society and Politics”

To 96 in the world and the second worst in the EU is the Czech Republic in the ranking of the World Economic Forum in terms of women’s participation in politics and decision-making in the public sphere and the economy. Interior Ministry‘s arguments about the limited possibilities of receiving refugees rather incites xenophobia. Roma children diagnosed with mild mental disorder,” which are sent to practical schools are the hardest integrated into society. Some media have repeatedly supported mistrust of minorities by publishing unverified or even fictional information.

Such were among other topics that the Chamber of Deputies held a Platform for Human Rights and Rome, ops Patronage over the event took the Minister for Human Rights, Jiří Dienstbier and Mrs Markéta Adamová. The introduction also appeared Táňa Fischerová.

Details of the seminars we saw Pavla Vrbková here.

More on http://www.romea.cz/cz/zpravodajstvi/domaci/seminar-lidska-prava-a-nasili-z-nenavisti-v-cr-nesnasenlivost-je-v-ceske-spolecnosti-hluboce-zakorenena

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