World Children day is about childrens rights

The 1st of June is celebrated not only as World Children Day but also a day for the protection of children’s rights. On this occasion, the Czech Helsinki Committee wants to congratulate children worldwide and, at the same time, remind the parents, community, and governments of their responsibility to make sure children’s rights are fully protected.

Children face ongoing violations of their rights worldwide, including discrimination, poverty, lack of access to education, health, and many more. It is part of our responsibility to continue promoting and guaranteeing the well-being of all children, especially after experiencing the harsh restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Czech Republic is one of the last EU countries that does not have a children’s ombudsman.  The person and an institution to oversee the protection and enforcement of children’s rights. On this day, a year ago, we heard promises from our Prime Minister, Andrej Babis, to strengthen children’s rights by establishing the children’s Ombudsperson. Unfortunately, these promises have not been fulfilled.

We call on all political parties currently running campaigns for upcoming Czech parliamentary elections to remember that children need their attention and support. The Ombudsperson can significantly improve not only situation of individual children in the Czech Republic but also general awareness about children rights.

                                                                                    The Czech Helsinki Committee

Contact person pro media: Lucie Rybová, director of CHC;  tel.: + (420) 602 646 940, e-mail:, www.;

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