The court dismissed the action on a Muslim school in Prague due to the ban on hijab

The court rejected the request Somali girl who demanded an apology and 60,000 crowns from Prague’s Secondary medical school because of an alleged ban on wearing the Muslim headscarf hijab. The applicant claimed that her institution indirectly discriminated against in access to education and free choice of profession. According to the judge, however, did not prove discrimination against the girl, but mostly failed to meet the conditions for the start of the study. The judgment is not final.

“The important thing was to examine whether the applicant has met all the conditions for it to become a student. Only then could exercise his right under discriminatory law,” said Judge of the District Court for Prague 10 Daniela Čejková.

Ayan Jamaal Ahmednuurová abandoned by their version of school because based on the decision of the Director was not allowed to wear a headscarf or the theoretical teaching. Originally while apparently he had an agreement that the hijab will only defer in nursing practice. The school reportedly did not even on the assumption that a girl should only shrouded in teaching neck.

However, the judge gave the correct version for schools that girl who has asylum in the Czech Republic since 2011, had submitted the beginning of the school year, despite an agreement required permit. In the form of abandoning studies completed as the reason for a ban on wearing the hijab subsequently. Regarding the alleged discrimination has not satisfied the legal representative of the girls burden.

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