Press Release: Opinion CHC to the prolonged detention of Martin Ignačák sentenced for attempted terrorist act

Czech Helsinki Committee, a non-governmental organization Human Rights (CHC) believes that the prolonged detention in general must be a substantial reason. Martin Ignačák was already in April 2016 the Prague Municipal Court released from custody because he vouched for him … Continue reading

Observations of the Czech Helsinki Committee, the position of the city of Prague 1 for exposure to the gallows in a demonstration against migration

We are surprised and impressed statement unnamed officials in charge of Prague 1 to this scandalous matter. It is further evidence of decomposition of democratic society, which through his elected representatives not only did not reject the undemocratic and violent … Continue reading

The Czech Helsinki Committee published its opinion concerning breach of freedom of religion and the case of Vladimír Sáňka

The Czech Helsinki Committee published its opinion concerning breach of the freedom of religion/worship in case of Vladimir Sáňka, who is under indictment for publishing the czech translation of the book „Základy tauhídu“ by Abu Ameenaha Bilala Philipse. … Continue reading

Press Release: Czech Helsinki Committee reminds International Human Rights Day photo exhibition “Acts of solidarity with the victims of human rights violations”

Exhibition of photographs documenting people’s solidarity with minorities begin on 10. 12. 2015 from 16 hours in the building of the Municipality of Prague 5 Štefánikova Street no. 13 in the framework of the event called “Day of minorities“. Invitation … Continue reading