Racialised Communities in Europe Hit Hardest by the Climate Crisis: New ENAR Report

ENAR has undertaken a research project to assess and document the disproportionate impact of climate disruption on racialised communities in Europe. The report centres the experiences and responses of impacted communities, and outlines models for deloconising and anti-racist climate action to achieve true climate justice.

ENAR’s new report concludes that the climate crisis is rooted in (neo)colonial capitalism. Underpinned by structures of racism and white supremacy, this ideology and practice maximises profit and wealth for a few by allowing for exploitation and subjugation of racialised communities.

The report delves into different case studies to demonstrate how (neo)colonial capitalist policies and practices are harming racialised communities in Europe, from ’greenifying’ extractive industries on Sápmi to marginalised communities not having access to safe, healthy, and culturally-specific housing in Ireland and Romania.

For more details, follow the link below: https://www.enar-eu.org/racialised-communities-in-europe-hit-hardest-by-the-climate-crisis-new-enar-report/

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