In the absence of a law on social housing, growing up in Czech children in institutions

Housing policy after 1989, exclusive of changes in Czech society. A large part because people languish or have a permanent residence lost completely. We are paying for it all, including the middle class.

The law on social housing should this autumn to discuss the government. Preparing a law that was already being approved, trying to hinder the different interest groups.

Preparation of the law on social housing is not like some municipalities. You would not by the act should be required to provide social housing to all its inhabitants. Thus, even those who currently live on the streets or live in dormitories.

Another obstacle is discrimination in the housing market. Prejudices. The problem is also often high deposit of one to three rents that low-income families do not have a chance to settle.

Apartment owners often do not want to rent apartment people who judge as problematic. Among them naturally, those who already lose housing and the homeless, but also people are mentally ill, or any protruding. Now she, as well as low-income groups, the law on social housing had effectively help.

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