Cases of so. “Norwegian children” started dealing with MEPs

Cases of so. Norwegian childrenstarted dealing with MEPs.

Eve Michalákové Czech woman living a long time in Norway, were more than three years removed two sons on suspicion of sexual abuse of children father. They were removed by both parents. Suspected father and mother, and later in criminal proceedings never proved, Norwegian police postponed the case and said even testified in their favor.

In civil proceedings, however, the parents of the children came from. The Norwegian child protection Barnevern is acting completely independently and all floors of the Norwegian judiciary confirmed the removal – in the interests of children. You may see a mother only twice a year for two hours, not to talk to them or show emotion Czech. Below the critical open letter to Norway signed over 40 politicians across factions and nations. On the Czech side are energized citizens even held official positions. On the situation of the mother Eve Michalákové However, in practice, nothing changed. The boys remain in foster families and according to information from the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Michael Marks Eva Michaláková failed the Strasbourg court.–1422703

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