In case of theft presidential standard started discussing court

District Court for Prague 1 began hearing the case of members of art group Ztohoven, who last year according to the indictment hoisted at Prague Castle, the presidential standard instead of red shorts. The defendants arrived in theater costumes and at the outset, one of them told that the judge is biased because it is appointed by the President.

The first of the three defendants appeared before the court of Filip Crhák.

I do not recognize this court, I doubt your impartiality,” said the judge straight towards Crhák. “You founded by the Czech state, our counterparty’s Office of the Republic, and for this reason I do not think you ever could decide the detriment of your employer,” he added.

Judge got a piece of standards

Asked the judge, which is currently the standard, Hajek said: “The flag is now in the hands of the citizens of this country.” Grouping Ztohoven announced on Monday that the standard cut up to 1,152 pieces that circulated among humans. The act said the decentralization of power. Shortly afterwards, the judge also received one piece of cut up the presidential standard.

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