Czechs incomes are below the EU average

The highest revenues in the European Union are residents of Germany. They outnumbered the EU average of 27.5 percent. Even better is that non-EU Switzerland, with nearly 35 percent above the EU average. Taken into account while purchasing power is, therefore, differences in prices between countries.

According to data from the Czech Statistical Office, who worked with Eurostat data for 2013 the newer they are not yet available.

The lowest income per capita in purchasing power parity (PPP) are Croatia (60.4 percent of the EU average), Latvia (57.9 percent) and far distance, Romania (43.5 percent in 2012). Compared but lacks Bulgaria, which are not available in the relevant figures.

Czech Republic ranks among the income levels for 2013 to the eighteenth place ranking with nearly 73 percent of the EU average, virtually the same number have Slovakia and Greece. Compared to data for the year 2012, the Czech offended one position and about a half percent of the EU average.

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