Press release: The Czech Helsinki Committee attended European Network Against Racism (ENAR’s) 20th Statutory General Assembly

On 15 April 2021, the Czech Helsinki Committee (CHC) representative participated in European Network Against Racism (ENAR’s) 20th Statutory General Assembly (GA). Due to COVID-19 the meeting was held online. CHC was also actively involved in the activities leading up to the GA, such as ENAR Café and a workshop for women and non-binary people (Foundations of Allyship) facilitated by Beyond Equality.

CHC along with other participants elected the new ENAR board members. The election of the ENAR’s new Vice-chair is postponed and will be held in September 2021.

During the GA, ENAR presented its activity report 2020, as well as, its 2021 work plan and Strategic Plan 2022-2025.

ENAR’s 2022 vision is to secure full racial equality, solidarity, and well-being for all people -citizens, and residents – in Europe. It envisions an inclusive society and economy, where racialized groups’ lives are safe and secure and structural racism is acknowledged and eradicated.

For upcoming years, ENAR is planning to advocate for strong processes to dismantle systemic racism and to contribute to safer and secure life and wellbeing for racialized communities in Europe. Furthermore, it is going to continue building a dynamic, effective, well-resourced, and resilient anti-racism network – a movement for racial equality in Europe.

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