Presidential powers may be limited

Minister for Human Rights and Legislation Jiří Dienstbier succeeded to the government with its proposal to change the constitution. The amendment okleští some powers of the president, while simplifying the conditions for bringing an action for head of state.

The amendment bill envisaged for example that the new president would need for the appointment of members of the Bank Board of the Czech National Bank’s approval of the Senate. Should simplify the conditions for bringing an action for president. While previously it was necessary to make such a move approved by three-fifths majority of the Senate and the House, newly constitutional majority would be sufficient for at least one chamber. The bill also provides that the government determines the internal and foreign policy of the state. The aim is to avoid potential conflicts with the president on foreign policy. “The amendment has only the power to ratify the president, rather than negotiate contracts, which corresponds to practice, so it just runs the same negotiating government contracts,” said Dienstbier.

The novelty will be the introduction of a rolling mandate for deputies. This means that if he became deputy minister in parliamentary bench would be barred substitute. The amendment also clarifies some formulations, such as the resignation of Prime Minister is also the resignation of the entire government.

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