Disabled student wrote to the President regarding his statement about disabled children

Student in Political Science at University College London Ján Michalčák sent a letter to the President Miloš Zeman, which responds to his statement about disabled children, which according to him, had to learn along with healthy.

Zeman’s statement, according to him, for example, contrary to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, especially with Articles 4, 23 and 24, with the conventions of the European Union and the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. What is most important, however, your statement is contrary to good morals,” he added.

Your statement that you do not like the merger of disabled children with those nehandicapovanými” and that it “is a disaster for both groups,” is outrageous and scandalous generalizations, not only for me personally, but I believe that for many others, writes Michalčák, who was born with lighter Diparetic cerebral palsy, which partially affects the ability to move.

While in elementary school student was never exposed to bullying at high school became the target of efforts to ostracism by the class teacher, which vyeskalovalo in transfer to another school.

You only segregate children with cerebral palsy, like me, but also for those with Asperger’s syndrome, whose onlyoffense may be more emotional sensibility or excessive perfectionism. Even such is entitled to extraordinary benefits for the disabled, if they are in the physician deems appropriate. I would segregate Roma children who already tend to be under “mild mental disabilities” often sent to practical schools, which incidentally has consistently criticized the European Commission, “added Michalčák.

The time for vetting, when unelected group of people usurped the” correct “view, we fortunately already behind. Like the division of people into good and bad, on the basis of physical or other dispositions. That we all including you be aware. You, Milos Zeman, the company does not unite. On the contrary an appeal to the most basic human instinct, fear of hitting into it more and more lap. I do not believe your claim that you’re the president of the “lower ten million.”

That’s what we accepted that we are a nation of ignorant, self-appointed experts on everything and louts. And we’re not. Czech nation boast plenty of educated, intelligent and decent people. Regardless of their physical abilities can contribute to the development of Czech society, and therefore deserve to get them weighed their president, “said the student.

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