Progress in adopting anti-corruption measures in the Czech Republic is insufficient, assesses the state of the Council of Europe

Anti-corruption group of the Council of Europe (GRECO) criticized the situation in the Czech Republic in the areas of transparency of political party financing and the fight against corruption. Group in its report of February 4, 2015 marked the implementation rate of its recommendations in the Czech Republic for “globally unsatisfactory“. Of the 13 recommendations said the country had fulfilled satisfactorily only one; three and nine partially accepted at all.

Overall, GRECO marked progress in adopting anti-corruption measures in the Czech Republic as a “very small” and insufficient”. A similar criticism at the same time withstand the Czech Republic already in the past two years.

GRECO report recommended the Czech Republic to clarify that bribery of all categories of employees in the public sector is punishable, regardless of whether they are able to somehow influence major decisions. However, this recommendation Czech allegedly insufficiently met, and therefore it GRECO again called for greater efforts to clarify the situation.

On receipt of a further recommendation by GRECO had the effect of Deputies is dissolved in August 2013. Unable to change so apparently section of the Criminal Code on indirect bribery to include the mention of acceptance of an offer or promise undue advantage. According to information from the Czech Republic, which report shall also include, however, the amendment already in the approval process in parliament.

Partly met, then the report also refers to the recommendation that the Czech Republic clarify criminalization of bribery of foreign arbitrators and jurors. Even here, however, is apparently on track thing, since the relevant Additional Protocol to the Convention on Corruption is according to a statement by the Czech authorities already in the process of ratification.

GRECO expressed concern over the lack of improvement and repeated postponement of the funding of political parties. But apparently welcomes the preparation of the so-called electoral code, which should address the financing of election campaigns. But invited to accelerate work on the planned measures.

GRECO group established the Council of Europe in 1999 to monitor States’ compliance with their anti-corruption standards. Assessment report with recommendations, which should lead to an improvement in the fight against corruption and the financing of political parties, GRECO already published in 2011. The cited report is the third evaluation of the performance of its challenges.

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