Such cases are hundreds in Norway, and it is a system error

Reports remove children Czech Czech mother Norwegian authorities already knows everyone. But no one dares to predict what will happen.

It is a chance to reverse the case in favor of the Czech family? What is for boys Michaláková at this moment the best?

“Defends the interests of the whole family and basic human rights,” she said on the show for and against MP and pediatrician Jitka Chalánková. According to her mother lost her two sons fighting for them for four years, all the possibilities that could be used in Norway, used, and yet her boys were not returned. “We live in truth those children have only one mother, not as they do in Norway gives head foster parents that have two moms. Children have their mother and mother to their children. Love mothers to children is the most powerful human emotion, “says MEP. The fact that the children were taken, separated vemlouváno them that the mother is evil and bad, they were forbidden to speak the mother tongue and can not live together, are the basic errors foster care, says MEP.

I therefore would like to Chalánková if the whole case is dealt with as quickly as possible. “Such cases are hundreds in Norway, and it is a system error.”

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