According to the survey, most of Czechs agree to grant asylum to the war refugees

A survey with surprising results conducted by the STEM agency, 65% of respondents from a sample of 1050 people said that the Czech Republic should grant asylum to people fleeingm from the war zones. Result does not too much correspond with the current negative mood in society, which is presented in the media or on social networks. Even so, willing to provide asylum compared to the last survey of the agency in 2005 decreased by 19%, from previous 84% (2005) of favorable opinions for the possibility of granting asylum. Willingness to grant asylum also fell in other monitored motives of refugees to leave their country. More than half of respondents (52%) agrees to grant asylum on religious or racial grounds. Again, there is a significant drop from 2005, when people argued in favor of granting asylum on religious and racial grounds as much as 78% of respondents. Noticeably worse willingness to grant asylum is because of the poor economic situation. It is interesting that even in 2005, according to the survey, 59% of respondents were willing to grant asylum because of the poor economic situation. In 2016, it is only 24% of respondents. The survey shows that more tolerant and willing to provide asylum are people with higher education and the right-minded citizens.

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