According to the European Court of Human Rights firm may read private messages to its employees

European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg dismiss Romanian, which because of the company sending private messages dismissed, arguing that employers have the right to monitor and private messages that are sent during working hours on the Internet by their employees.

The court ruled in the case of a Romanian engineer, which the company released in 2007 after he passed through Yahoo Messenger to send messages to contacts not only work, but also his fiance and his brother. The company will use chat programs for private purposes banned. The company gave previously agreed with the Romanian courts.

The court rejected the argument dismissed employee that the company violated his right to privacy.

According to the court decision, “it makes sense that the employer needs to verify that workers play in working hours of their dutiesand added that the company investigated the messages in the belief that they contain a working phone messages. He also added that employees send private messages from multiple computers.

Of the eight judges in Strasbourg decision approved seven. One was against the objection that private correspondence can not be disabled in general, but the company should be on the monitoring of the performance of work tasks to employees communicate and obtain their express consent.

The decision of the Strasbourg Court is binding on all countries that have adopted the European Convention on Human Rights, including the Czech Republic.

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