We pay worth it to save us?

Two Czechs were kidnapped in Pakistan after two years of release. With its opinion public appearance by President Miloš Zeman. Girls publicly rebuked and explained why not invite them to the Castle. Czech president has the right to vote or had milder dictionary?

The adoption of girls president is no reason, and I do not know if they should so happen,” he said, in order for a chief commentators against the People newspaper Petr Kamberský.

Zeman’s attitude journalist shares. I liked the distinction Zeman: I appreciate the heroes, not adventurers.

Fortunately for us, adventurers” but even so. Pravdoláskaře i can hear opposing views the state has to help everyone without exception!

More on http://www.rozhlas.cz/plus/proaproti/_zprava/stat-si-platime-za-to-aby-nas-zachranoval-tvrdi-novinar-brezina–1474211

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