Eighty percent of unemployed people find work as a public punishment for unemployment

In a new book, economist Ilona Švihlíková called Turn expert says clearly that we are at fault during the crisis of capitalism and you may end precarious. He talks about working bullying and how modern technology can be decomposed current economic system. Capitalist economies have a problem, do not know what to do with people. So can be briefly described as an economist Ilona Švihlíková idea, claiming that the rich capitalists constantly get richer while the poor keep getting poorer. One reason may be the fact that the capitalist system have not solved the question of what to do with employees who no longer needs because of the technology industry. And in addition to the technological revolution remaining, according to economist somehow halfway.

The deteriorating situation can wait for the next steps, which already can hear hints from neighboring countries such as. Hungary: Labor camps as punishment for those who “do not want to work.” It’s such an upgraded version of the working bullying, which in the Czech Republic is also trying to introduce former Minister Drábek. Forced labor as punishment for unemployment in guarded camps with beadle (k) s. Hungarian proposal to limit voting rights to people without work, which resonated with sentiments against the Roma. This measure whereby it would be possible to eliminate the influence of unemployed in the political sphere and degrade them as second-class citizens (or as non-citizens) is quite old and very close to the right after all, it has been proposed F. Hayek. Decomposition of a la American Detroit. Detroit is a certain model of how economic apocalypse looks small. Sprawl ghettos, gangs and the subsequent repression, the use of which is important for the elite. Excess people as future prisoner organ donors like. By Z. Bauman years ago wrote that prison in the United States for alternative employment. Excess people are used in conflicts, people are hired as mercenaries like.

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