Norwegian social service Barnevern took from parents the nine-month old baby girl

“In Norway, there was another unwarranted at this time a very drastic removal of the child. The nine-month baby girl suffering from the birth of an extremely rare syndrome causing kidney malfunction, now in the long term depends on peritoneal dialysis and awaiting transplantation, has been removed Czech mother and a Norwegian father, “said Jakub Cyrani, a member of the Committee for help in case of Mrs. Michaláková, whose children were taken away too by Barnevern. With his colleagues he informed about this new case also the President Miloš Zeman and Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka.

According to the committe, parents were informed about the removal of the child on Christmas Eve. Barnevern also insufficiently developed parent contact with the child. They added that Barnevern gave parents the right to contact with the child only twice a week for one hour. According to information available with temporary foster mother child spent only a few hours there before it was returned because of their health condition. “In the event of withdrawal of approval of the regional committee the parents will have a contact with a child only for two hours four times a year as it is a standard decision” added the representative committee.

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