Not punish children for the actions of their parents, and for lack of will or finance to maintain contact

Due to the poor evaluation of an application for financial support for this necessary and unique project evaluators unknown Department of Family MPSV, the project probably will not ever in 2015 financially supported by the state! If you do not get spozory and private donors threatened that a large number of applications received from their parents and from OSPOD workers from different parts of the Republic of involvement in the project, we can not hear. Only traveling to implement one joint visits to 8-15 children in the order of 15 000 CZK, because sloping children from great distances.

Already in the past year, we have yet to realize only four visits, and so some children had not seen due to lack of finances his mother more than 6 months. We meet with cases where institutions actively prevent contact with parents. I will try this in the context of this project change.

Most sorry children whose right to regular contact with a parent, the condition is violated and emotional attachment to mother / father cruelly tested.

Help us make a difference!

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