The liquidation of environmental damage will go three billion

The Ministry of Finance, which is responsible for tackling environmental damage caused before privatization, enters this year a total of 20 rescue and environmental projects. In total in 2015 from the privatization account from which these load fund, was to be their solution is made more than 3 billion, which represents 20% of the total allocation fund.

Although the government in 2002 promised to gradually released for redevelopment in the MSR 20 billion. CZK, in the last year managed to complete projects worth a total of only about 3 billion. CZK, “said Finance Minister Andrej Babiš.

“Unfortunately, at a time when revenues do Privatization Fund were the highest ever, on the settlement of ecological commitments State paid only a fraction of these funds,said Finance Minister that the priorities of the then Ministers of problems Moravian not belong.

“For example, in 2004-2005 the environmental contract in the Moravian region invested CZK total of nearly 750 miles. CZK, although only in 2005, revenues amounted to 113 billion privatization fund. CZK. Was given precedence over the Ostrava example redevelopment loads in Skoda Plzen, which was over two years invested 5 billion. CZK with an average utilization rate of 100-350 miles. CZK per month, he explained. The total expenditure of the Privatization Fund to cover environmental damage, then in 2005 the only 6%. It is clear that the previous government had invested such a proportion of funds as we invest now we have the environmental burden has long since been resolved,” said Babiš.

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