The school may prohibit the hijab? Only if they endanger the health of pupils, advises state

Schools should not be across the board limit the use of religious symbols in their pupils, for example, that in the school rules blanket prohibition on all headgear. They were, according to him would affect religious freedoms protected by the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. But they can do so in the interest of safety and health in particular specified circumstances. States that the Ministry of Education in the subject utility, which has headteachers to facilitate the creation of school rules.

Question of banning religious symbols in schools in the Czech Republic kicked up about a year ago and a half, when the medical school in Prague because of the ban to wear hijab left two students. Ombudsman asked Anna Šabatová then change the school rules, the school by the girls indirectly discriminated against. The headmistress argued School Code, which prohibited any headgear.

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