MPSV enhance control providing services for the elderly

Seniors in the Czech Republic the number and capacity of homes for the elderly is far below the number of requests for their services. This creates private facilities, some of which are not registered and break the rules. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, therefore, in connection with an amendment to the Social Services increased control of these devices.

Czech Television pointed out that in the past year came from regional authorities fined three firms for a total of nearly half a million. Fined 150,000 crowns came as facilities for the elderly near Prague, which had no registration. Roughly half penalty was given by seniorAS for providing services to Karviná region.

Operators often offer the service, despite having only a business license. In fact, it is the hostels or hotels that are for retirement homes just issued a seniors do not provide medical care. Counties are now dealing with two dozen new cases.

The conditions of some facilities also points Ombudsman Anna Šabatová, whose institute revealed seven illegal devices, where there was a restriction of personal freedom. Seniors were the beds tethering and even robbed.

Within a month, will issue a comprehensive report, with which he wants to turn directly to the Cabinet of Bohuslav Sobotka. It’s not just about repression. The government must invest more money in social services,” said television Šabatová.

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