Minister discriminates against the disabled. Increase the minimum wage is involved

The planned increase in the minimum wage of CZK 700 paradoxically affect persons with disabilities (PWD). The last Match of the minimum wage for people with disabilities OZP was still under the rule of the ODS.

“With the minimum wage have in general a problem because the difficult labor market for people with low skills. But if the government decides to increase its should not omit him from the people, who despite his handicap work and lead active lives. Therefore, the step of the Social Democrats, who have repeatedly increased the minimum wage for regular employees and disabled employees think, consider incompetent and discriminatory against disabled, “says the final steps of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Lenka Kohoutová, ODS expert in social sector.

Why Minister Michael Marksová-Tominová “failed” to raise the minimum wage also for persons with disabilities, it is obvious. Would that be because of the budget of the ministry, since the wage in a sheltered work environment partially subsidized. Unlike the normal minimum wage, which must call the employer.

“It’s hypocritical minister orders to employers and small businesses to raise the minimum wage and puts them in a difficult situation where you will have to think twice whether it is for them that sustainable employee if he earns each other. But in the case of people with disabilities to increase the minimum wage did not, although such subsidizes often the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Although the minister has promised to increase and called for persons with disabilities, but for two years, which will have new parliamentary term, and the question is who will head the ministry, “adds Lenka Kohoutová.

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