Lithuania Giving Children With Disabilities The Opportunity To Study With Their Peers

The country will implement a law giving children with disabilities the right to study together with their peers.

A new law to enter into force on 1 September 2024 will require every child to be given the opportunity to study at their nearest educational institution. This means that children with disabilities will be able to study in mainstream preschools and general education institutions, equally with others.

Forcing children with disabilities to attend ´special needs´ educational institutions leads to their exclusion later in life, problems with communication and general development.

The aim is to adapt the schools both for students with mobility problems and for children with developmental or learning disabilities and to procure specialised training and technical aid for schools. To provide students with disabilities all the support they need, it is planned to hire additional education support workers in schools every year. An inclusive classroom model will also be developed and implemented, allowing for several children with severe disabilities to be taught in a regular class. As such, at least two teachers will be working with the class.

‘Special’ schools will still be around. Parents will have the opportunity to consult with municipal psychology experts, and will decide whether to send their child to a mainstream school or a ‘special’ school.

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