People in residential social services remain without health care

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs registers nearly 64,000 beds in 924 facilities providing social services mandatory nursing care. In these devices, since 2008 there has been a decline of health workers, especially nurses who provide nursing care by indication practitioner or medical specialist. Funds from the public health insurance for the administration of nursing care are inadequate. They cover almost 70 percent of total personnel costs.

According to the MLSA people in residential social services remain without health care. Structure of clients in residential social services in the last ten years has changed significantly. Clients need due to the deterioration of the health condition of securing more intensive nursing care. Therefore, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Health handles an effective tool to meet the needs of social services clients.

“I think that by joining forces on the basis of mutual communication, we can find ways to consistently and adequately to provide clients with high-quality care,” stated Minister Marksová at the first meeting of the representatives of the MLSA provision and reimbursement of health care in social services with the Ministry of Health, labor unions, providers social Services and Director of VZP.

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